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Converting Avenue to VB for ArcGIS 9.x and Developing with ArcObjects Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The CEDRA Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Second Edition of Avenue WrapsTM. ISBN 0-9722631-0-1. A new publication comprised of 608 pages, Avenue Wraps offers detailed information describing the process of how Avenue code can be converted into Visual Basic® or Visual Basic for Applications code under the ArcGIS 8.x or ArcGIS 9.x platforms, as well as, how new ArcGIS applications can be developed using the Avenue Wraps software. The second edition of Avenue Wraps contains: (a) 73 new "wraparounds", (b) support for personal geodatabase manipulation, (c) compatability with the ArcGIS 9.x ArcObjects environment and (d) full access to all of the Visual Basic code comprising the Avenue Wraps software.

In addition, the Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition CD includes the CEDRA-ArcView3-Tools and the CEDRA-Callout-Tools toolbars. The CEDRA-ArcView3-Tools toolbar offers a number of selection tools which "stream-line" the user's interaction with ArcMap, increasing productivity by at least 30%. The CEDRA-Callout-Tools provides functionality for the creation of Balloon, Line and Banner callouts. These toolbars are a free bonus which are included with the Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition CD.

The Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition book contains a description of the "wraparounds" for more than 300 of the most popular Avenue requests. A complete list of the available "wraparounds" is presented in the Table of Contents listing shown below. Note that when we use the word "wraparound", what is meant is that the Avenue request has been converted into Visual Basic in the form of a subroutine or a function, thereby eliminating the need for the developer to write the ArcObjectsTM code to simulate the function of the Avenue request. The developer simply substitutes the name of the Avenue Wraps "wraparound" for the Avenue request.

The Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition CD includes the Visual Basic project file (avwraps.vbp) that builds the Avenue Wraps DLL (avwraps.dll). The developer is able to modify the project file as desired or simply extract those portions which are of interest and incorporate them into his or her own application. The book and CD can be ordered together or the CD can be ordered separately. Since the reader has full access to all of the Visual Basic code which comprises the Avenue Wraps software, a developer can: (a) use the software as is, (b) modify any or all of the software, or (c extract those portions which are of interest to the developer.

Those who purchased the Avenue Wraps 1st Edition should note that the "wraparounds" in that edition will only function with the ArcGIS 8.x environment. When ArcGIS 9.x was released a significant amount of work was required to convert the 8.x "wraparounds" to function in the 9.x environment. Should users of the Avenue Wraps 1st Edition wish to migrate their applications to the ArcGIS 9.x environment, they may: (a) order the Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition book and CD, or (b) order the 2nd Edition CD only. Note that it is possible to substitute the 2nd Edition's version of the avwraps.dll for the 1st Edition's. Some modifications may need to be performed after the substitution, although they should be minimal, if any. The Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition book contains a description of the new "wraparounds" that were introduced during the migration to the ArcGIS 9.x environment. Depending upon the application, users may or may not wish to implement these new "wraparounds". However, if you wish to operate applications that incorporated the Avenue Wraps 1st Edition "wraparounds" in the ArcGIS 9.x environment, users will need to convert the "wraparounds" themselves or incorporate the "wraparounds" in the Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition CD. Click on this link to read a description of the issues in converting Avenue Wraps 8.x applications to the 9.x environment.

Using Avenue Wraps there is no searching through the ArcObjects Developer Help, no scratching your head as to how to convert GetFTab into the appropriate ArcObjectsTM Property, or how to get the Legend for a Theme.

CEDRA Avenue Wraps has been there, done that, and is ready for you to use.

Discussing general Avenue to VB/VBA syntax differences, Views, Themes, Tables, Selection Sets, Graphic Elements, Querying, Calculating, File I/O operations, Message Boxes, User-Document interaction, Manipulation of Feature Shapes, Legends, Classifications and Application deployment, CEDRA Avenue Wraps contains numerous samples that will cut your conversion effort by more than 70%. CEDRA Avenue Wraps offers Avenue developers a one-to-one mapping between Avenue requests and AvenueWraps "wraparounds". In addition, to being used to convert existing applications, CEDRA Avenue Wraps can be used to develop new applications using an Avenue programming style. Why learn ArcObjects when CEDRA Avenue Wraps provides the one-to-one mapping between Avenue requests and their ArcObjects counter-parts.

Don't leave your Avenue applications behind, use CEDRA Avenue Wraps and migrate your applications to ArcGISTM.

Originally written as a guide for converting Avenue code into VB or VBA code, Avenue Wraps has grown into a tool Avenue and VB programmers can use to develop ArcObjects based applications. Since a developer can mix ArcObjects and Avenue Wraps code, ArcObjects programmers can use the Avenue Wraps as an easier means of performing various programming tasks. That is, new applications can be developed using Avenue Wraps, rather than just migrating existing Avenue code. Since Avenue Wraps is written using ArcObjects, a developer is free to mix Avenue Wraps procedures and native ArcObjects code.

Not in the mood to retype scripts, ELECTRONIC MEDIA (CD) is available containing CEDRA Avenue Wraps for both the ArcGIS 8.x and 9.x environments as a Dynamically Linked Library (.dll). For either ArcGIS 8.x or 9.x, CEDRA Avenue Wraps is immediately available for Avenue programmers to begin converting their applications. Users who are solely interested in the CEDRA-ArcView3-Tools toolbar should order the CEDRA Avenue Wraps 2nd Edition CD.

Note to existing CEDRA Avenue Wraps users, to migrate their existing 8.x applications to the 9.x environment, the developer can simply reference the new CEDRA Avenue Wraps ArcGIS 9.x .dll and execute the ESRI VB6 Code Converter Add-in.

If you want to see how the Avenue Wraps procedures can be used, click here Avenue Wraps Samples for an extensive list of "how to" samples. These samples contain listings of how to perform typical Avenue programming operations. If you are looking for detail information, click here Avenue Wraps Description for a thorough discussion regarding the contents of the Avenue Wraps book. The Avenue Wraps Description document follows the sequence of the Table of Contents in the Avenue Wraps book to give the reader a behind the scenes look into how the Avenue Wraps were developed For those interested in what is covered in the installation instructions click here, Avenue Wraps Installation Instructions.

Complementing the Avenue Wraps book, The CEDRA Corporation also offers web based training on the use and implementation of the Avenue Wraps procedures. As part of the CEDRA Web Training program, a number of different classes are offered which pertain to the Avenue Wraps book. By clicking on the CEDRA Web Training link you will be able see what courses are offered, how the training program operates and ordering information. Note that the Avenue Wraps class listings and ordering information appear towards the bottom of the web page.

Note, if you would like to download any of the .html or .pdf files which are linked on this page (such as the Avenue Wraps Samples), Microsoft Internet Explorer users can "right-click" on the link and select the Save Target As... command from the "pop-up" menu list. You can then navigate to a location on your local disk followed by clicking the Save button to begin the download process. Once the download is finished, a new dialog box will appear from which you can either open the downloaded file or close the dialog box to continue your internet session.


Interested in an article describing the theory behind Avenue Wraps, click on the following link for "A wraparound Story". Written by the authors, a .pdf file is available describing the process in converting Avenue into VB/VBA along with a brief description on how Avenue Wraps was designed to operate.

Interested in ordering Avenue Wraps, click on the following link

Avenue Wraps Order Form.

Simply fill out the form and return the form to The CEDRA Corporation by: (a) emailing the form to, attention Purchasing, (b) faxing the form to 585-262-2042, or (c) mailing the form to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

Shown below are the Table of Contents for Avenue Wraps. Readers can review on a chapter by chapter basis what topics are covered. Below the Table of Contents are sample VBA modules illustrating how Avenue Wraps can be used to emulate Avenue requests.

Table of Contents

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