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CEDRA AVparcelTM is an ArcView® GIS and ArcGIS® extension, which includes and expands upon CEDRA AVcadTM, to provide tax (cadastral) mapping, parcel maintenance and general Polygon Editing. All of the functionality of CEDRA AVcad is included in CEDRA AVparcel plus more. Visit the CEDRA AVcadTM page for a listing of the functionlity offered by AVcad, and found in AVparcel, as well as review the AVparcel specific functionality identified below.

Join the many Assessor's, Planners, State Archives, Oil and Gas Companies and Utility Authorities that use CEDRA AVparcel to manage their parcels, leases and land boundary information within an ArcView or ArcGIS environment. Use CEDRA AVparcel and take advantage of the ability to snap between and within themes, handle unlimited number of parcels, utilize state plane or UTM coordinates, define customized PIN formats, handle chains and rods, veras, create buffers and a host of other features listed below.

In addition to the mapping tools, CEDRA AVparcelTM provides functionality for editing attribute data using customized dialog boxes. The CEDRA-DataEditorTM extension, which is included with CEDRA AVparcel, enables the user to identify the specific themes and attributes which the user can edit. Quality control and data verification tools are included with the CEDRA-DataEditor extension to ensure that the database is properly maintained. The customized dialog boxes, which the user defines, are established without having the user write any Avenue, Visual Basic or other programming language software. With a simple point and click, CEDRA DataEditor users are able to edit and maintain their tabular information without having to start and stop table editing sessions.

ArcGIS users should check out the CEDRA-ArcView3-Tools toolbar. This toolbar offers a number of selection tools which will increase productivity by at least 30%. This is accomplished by reducing the number of clicks that are made in performing typical selection operations. ArcGIS users who have previously worked with ArcView GIS will definitely appreciate these tools.

To download an order form for a demo version of CEDRA-AVparcel with Tutorial Manual click on the link. Once the order form has been downloaded, fill-in the requested information at the bottom of the form and then fax, e-mail or mail the order form back to The CEDRA Corporation. To see what's included in the demo version of the software click here CEDRA Demo Pack Information.

Those interested in a lot more functionality for just a little more expense should check out the CEDRA-AGsuite software package.

To download a PowerPoint slide show "right-click" on this link (2.05 MB) and select the Save Target As... menu item. Note that you must have PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer to display the slide show. To view the slide show in your web browser, "right-click" on this link (3.24 MB) and select the Save Target As... menu item. Once the appropriate file has been downloaded, simply "double-click" on the file to start the slide show. To advance to the next slide in the PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer version, depress the Enter key or the right arrow key. The web browser version will display notes or additional information pertaining to the slide just below the display of the slide. Furthermore, to advance to the next slide, in the web browser version, the user "single-clicks" on the desired slide number which is displayed on the left side of the application window. Both versions of the CEDRA-AVparcel slide show are comprised of 11 slides.

Click on this link for a color brochure, which can be viewed and/or printed with Adobe Acrobat® ReaderTM.

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 ArcView GIS 3.x Implementation of CEDRA-AVparcel available as an Extension (avparcel.avx)

 ArcGIS Implementation of CEDRA-AVparcel available as an ActiveX DLL (cedparcl.dll)


CEDRA AVparcelTM is fully compatible with Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 of ArcView® GIS and Versions 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3 of ArcGIS®.

CEDRA AVparcelTM provides the following functionality:

Building the database from within AVparcelTM

Geometric functionality

Database query and editing

Parcel Closure Adjustment

Parcel Identification Numbers (PIN)

Aliquot Parts/Parcels

Importing functionality

Exporting functionality

Graphic display manipulation

CEDRA-AVparcel Tools toolbar for ArcGIS

ArcGIS users can access the CEDRA AVparcel tools via the CEDRA-AVparcel Tools toolbar. This toolbar can be docked at the top or bottom or to the left or right side of the ArcMap or ArcCatalog windows. Alternatively, the toolbar can float on the desktop while functioning as part of the application. When you dock the toolbar, it is moved and resized with the application's window. CEDRA AVparcel tools will operate on topological parcels, as well as, polygon features.

 CEDRA-AVparcel Tools toolbar

Functionality offered by the tools in the CEDRA-AVparcel Tools toolbar, proceeding left to right, includes the ability to:

Printing Capability for ArcGIS

ArcGIS® users have the ability to print the active data frame using the Print Data Frame command, which is available in the CEDRA-DataFrame-Tools toolbar. The Print Data Frame command differs from conventional ArcGIS printing in that the user is able to control: (a) the map scale, (b) the map area to be printed, (c) the location of the map on the paper and (d) optionally, whether a data frame, which contains a map sheet border, should be included or not in the map.

As most ArcMap users have realized, within an ArcMap document file (.mxd) all data frames share the same layout. This causes the difficulty of when the layout view is activated all of the data frames in the document file appear in the layout, which for some applications is not what the user wants. The Print Data Frame command will print the active data frame, from data or layout view, ensuring that: (a) the desired map scale is preserved, and (b) all other data frames do not appear on the plot. This is achieved by programmatically positioning all data frames, other than the active data frame, in the document file outside of the user specified sheet limits (Paper Size parameters). In so doing, when the layout view is activated the only data frame that appears in the layout view is the active data frame.

This capability allows the user to have a single document file that contains many data frames with each data frame containing a complete drawing sheet. Without the Print Data Frame command the user would have to: (a) create separate document files for each drawing sheet or (b) manually reposition all data frames, other than the active data frame, outside of the sheet limits.

 Data Frame Printing Dialog Box

 Positioning of the Active Data Frame on a Map Sheet Border

In addition, users have the ability to operate in another mode of map preparation. The first mode, which was described above, is when a single data frame contains the entire map to be printed. The second mode is where one data frame contains the map contents, while another data frame contains the map border (title block, sheet border, etc.).

The Print Data Frame command accommodates this scenario by providing the Include Data Frame matching the Paper Size option. When this option is checked the Print Data Frame command will position the active data frame according to the specifications in the Data Frame Size and Position parameters area and will include in the plot the data frame whose name is either 11"x17", 24"x36" or Custom, depending upon which Paper Size is active. This approach enables the user to create a single map border, placing it in a data frame using one of the following; 11"x17", 24"x36" or Custom as the name of the data frame, and generate multiple maps without having to load the map border into multiple data frames.

DXF Export Capability for ArcView GIS and ArcGIS

ArcView® GIS and ArcGIS® users have the ability to create a DXF file, from within ArcView 3.x or ArcMap, for all visible features in the current map. Unlike other DXF export utilities, which process only one theme at a time, the CEDRA DxfExportTM extension processes all visible themes (shapefiles, personal geodatabases, enterprise geodatabases and coverages) in the current map. In addition, the CEDRA DxfExport utility will process annotation features and graphic text elements. As such, a DXF file created by this utility can include features and text. In processing the visible layers in the map:

 ArcMap - CEDRA-DxfExport Dialog Box

As can be seen by examining the dialog box above, the user is able to:

ArcView 3.x Tools for ArcGIS

ArcGIS users who have worked with ArcView GIS will notice that the commands shown below: (a) do not operate the same in ArcMap as they did in ArcView or (b) are just not a part of core ArcGIS. These commands did not provide GIS functionality but they were an essential part of how ArcView GIS users operated in the ArcView 3.x environment. To ease the transition to ArcGIS, CEDRA's ArcGIS based software includes the CEDRA-ArcView3 Tools toolbar. This toolbar enables ArcGIS users to interact with ArcMap in a manner similar to how ArcView GIS users operated in the ArcView 3.x environment. For users who have never worked with ArcView GIS, these tools provide an easier and more flexible means of interacting with the map.

 CEDRA-ArcView3 Tools toolbar

Functionality offered in the CEDRA-ArcView3 Tools toolbar

To download a color brochure, which can be viewed and/or printed with Adobe Acrobat® ReaderTM, click on the following link CEDRA Software Information.

CEDRA-AVparcel is licensed as per the terms of the CEDRA Software License Agreement.

For more information on CEDRATM software and services contact The CEDRA Corporation at 151 Sully's Trail - Suite 6, Pittsford, New York 14534, phone: 585-232-6998, fax: 585-262-2042 or Send E-mail to CEDRA:

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